Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
WADMAN Elizabeth 1855 20 Aug Union workhouse, Shaftesbury 84 Widow of Jeremiah Wadman, farm labourer Old age. Certified Richard Galpin, present at the death, union workhouse, Shaftesbury
WADMAN Jeremiah 1837 31 Jul, 4pm Gillingham 77 Labourer Typhus fever The mark of Elizabeth Wadham, wife, Gillingham
WADMAN Mary 1857 28 Dec Gillingham 60 Wife of William Wadman, husbandman Pneumonitis 7 days. Certified The mark of Fanny Read, present at the death, Gillingham
WADMAN Samuel 1889 11 May Sturminster RSD 74 Farm labourer Asthenia 4 weeks. Paraplegia. Cystitis. Certified by B. H. Andrews MRCS The mark of Ann Wadman, widow of deceased, present at the death, Sturminster
WADMAN William 1878 5 Sep Gillingham 81 Labourer Jaundice. Certified by T. Woods, surgeon The mark of Fanny Read, daughter, present at the death, Gillingham