Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
VACHER Charles 1863 17 Apr Milton Abbas 36 Shoemaker Phthisis pulmonalis 2 years. Certified Elizabeth Vacher, present at the death, Milton Abbas
VACHER Edmund 1856 25 Nov New Buildings, Blandford 24 Coachmaker Phthisis pulmonalis. Certified Harriet Barnett, present at the death, New Buildings, Blandford
VACHER Mary Ann 1856 19 Mar Longfleet 62 Widow of Josiah Vacher, baker (master) Apoplexy 3 days. Certified Sarah Hawkins, present at the death, Hunger Hill, Poole
VATCHER Cornelius 1864 24 May Milton Abbas 64 Agricultural labourer Spinal disease 1 year. Paralysis 6 months. PM [post mortem]. Certified Harriett White, present at the death, Milton Abbas
VATCHER Lydia 1858 1 Jun Milton Abbas 11m Daughter of Sarah Vatcher Pertussis 3 weeks. Convulsions 1 day Sarah Vatcher, present at the death, Milton Abbas