Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
RUSSELL Elizabeth Hayden 1840 18 Dec Stinsford 43 Wife of Robert Russell Consumption Robert Russell, present at the death, Stinsford
RUSSELL Ellen 1919 25 Apr Iwerne Courtney RD 79 Widow of Isaac Russell, bricklayer’s labourer 1. Senile. 2. Syncope. Certified by Wm. Casswell Spooner MB Bessie Christian Russell, daughter in law, present at the death, Iwerne Courtney
RUSSELL Merrett 1841 26 Mar Stourpain [Stourpaine] 72 Labourer Paralytic attack The mark of Thomas Upward, present at the death, Stourpain
RUSSELL Robert 1875 3 Nov Grove Buildings, Fordington 79 Gardener (domestic servant) Old age. Certified by John Good MRCS LSA Mary Russell, widow of deceased, present at the death, Grove Buildings, Fordington
RUSSELL Sarah 1909 20 May Grove Road, Wimborne UD 77 Wife of Thomas Russell, convict prison warder (retired) Senile decay. Certified by Ernest W. Ormerod MD Thomas Russell, widower of deceased, Grove Road, Wimborne
RUSSELL Walter 1939 7 Feb 9 Victoria Terrace, Weymouth UD 79 of 48 Old Castle Road, Weymouth UD.
Prison officer (retired)
(I)a. Cerebral thrombosis (II) Chronic interstitial nephritis. Certified by R. M. Devereux MB W. T. C. Russell, son, 44 Hornby Road, Walton, Liverpool 9