Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
READ Austin 1852 22 Sep Hilton 10w Son of George Read, bailiff Decline. Not certified Louisa Card Read, present at the death, Hilton
READ Elizabeth 1859 21 Nov Leigh 28 Daughter of John Read, thatcher Consumption. Not certified The mark of Annabella Read, in attendance, Leigh
READ Elizabeth 1903 23 Feb Buckhorn Weston, Shaftesbury RD 87 Widow of George Read, wheelwright Old age. Dropsy. Certified by Percy G. McReddie MB Emily Coombs, daughter, present at the death, Buckland Weston
READ George 1888 18 Dec Buckhorn Weston, Dorset 48 Wheelwright master Chronic dyspepsia many years. Exhaustion. Certified by James Webster MBCM Noah Read, son, present at the death, Buckhorn Weston
READ Louisa Card 1854 20 Oct Ansty, Hilton 39 Wife of George Read, bailiff Plura [pleura] pneumonia 4 days. Hydrothorax 12 hours. Certified George Read, present at the death, Ansty, Hilton
READ Mary Ann 1860 27 May Alderholt, Cranborne 36 Wife of Aaron Read, brickmaker Phthisis 5 months. Certified Sarah Read, present at the death, Alderholt, Cranborne
READ Thomas 1840 12 Apr Buckhorn Weston 63 [GRO index says 53] Blacksmith Disease of the liver Elizabeth Read, present at the death, Buckhorn Weston