Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
PROUDLEY John 1841 29 May, 5pm Cranborne 1 Son of John Proudley, hawker Dropsy The mark of Stephen Crutcher, in attendance, Cranborne
PROUDLEY John 1849 22 Jul West Parley 37 Travelling pedlar Small pox 10 days. Certified William Druitt, present at the death, Wimborne
PROUDLEY Joseph 1909 29 May Ringwood Road, Stapehill, Hampreston RD 66 Market gardener Valvular disease of heart. Dropsy. Syncope. Certified by Malcolm Lamb LSA Joseph Proudley, son, Ringwood Road, Stapehill, Hampreston
PROUDLEY Mary Jane 1921 27 Apr [Not stated: death registered in Shaftesbury district] 73 Widow of Joseph Proudley, market gardener Arterio-sclerosis ? years . Influenza & bronchitis 4 days. Heart failure. Certified by W. J. Harris MD John Proudley, son, in attendance, Dewdrop Cottage, Sedgehill, Wilts.
PROUDLEY Sophia 1885 1 Jun Saint James, USD Poole 68 Widow of John Proudley, dealer Died from natural causes Certificate received from G. Broxton Aldridge, coroner for the town & county & borough of Poole. Inquest held 3rd June 1885