Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
PEARCE Ann 1868 28 Apr Oakley, Canford 82 Wife of James Pearce, labourer Debility from old age. Certified The mark of Henry Norris, present at the death, Oakley, Canford
PEARCE Frank 1874 18 May Constitution Hill, Kinson 17 Son of Charles Pearce, coachman Heart disease. Certified Jane Shiner, present at the death, Constitution Hill, Kinson
PEARCE Jane 1863 29 Mar Union workhouse, Stoke Abbott [Beaminster Union] 36 Wife of Charles Pearce, a journeyman miller Palsy. Certified William Light, in attendance, union workhouse, Stoke Abbott
PEARCE John 1862 27 Apr Toller Fratrum 33 Agricultural labourer Diseased kidneys. Certified Ann Trevett, present at the death, Toller Fratrum
PEARCE Mary 1867 2 Jan Weston 81 Wife of William Pearce, quarryman Chronic bronchitis. Certified The mark of William Pearce, present at the death, Weston, Portland
PEARCE William 1871 30 Dec Weston 89 Quarryman Senile decay. Certified Robert Wiggett Pearce, present at the death, Portland