Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
LEGG Benjamin 1862 6 Sep South Poorton, Poorstock [Powerstock] 63 Labourer Malignant disease of the bowels 3 months. Certified The mark of Mary Legg, present at the death, South Poorton, Poorstock
LEGG Charles 1892 12 May Milbourne St. Andrew [Milborne St. Andrew] RSD 33 Journeyman blacksmith Phthisis 4 months. Certified by G. Lys MRCSE M. A. Legg, widow of deceased, present at the death, Milbourne St. Andrew
LEGG Frances 1862 10 Dec Nether Cerne 29 Wife of Charles Legg, agricultural labourer Diabetes 3 years. Certified Elizabeth Hansford, present at death, Nether Cerne
LEGG Gertrude Bertha 1902 30 Jun Florence, St. John Road, Longfleet UD 10m Daughter of Frederick John Legg, bricklayer (journeyman) Meningitis 10 days. Exhaustion. Certified by C. K. Crowther MRCS F. J. Legg, father, present at the death, Florence, St. John Road, Longfleet, Poole
LEGG James 1852 28 Jun Piddletown 58 Labourer Consumption 1 year. Not certified The mark of Elizabeth Legg, present at the death, Piddletown
LEGG Jeremiah 1867 3 Feb Market Street, Poole 23 Shoemaker (journeyman) Phthisis 2 years. Certified Sarah Brown, present at the death, Market Street, Poole
LEGG John Thomas 1901 3 Jul 3 Quebec Place, Melcombe Regis UD 67 General labourer Acute bronchitis & pneumonia. Chronic asthenia. Certified by E. N. Pridmore MB J. J. Legg, son, present at the death, 3 Quebec Place, Melcombe Regis
LEGG Mary Ann 1929 21 Sep Tanyard, Beaminster RD 84 Widow of Edward Legg, shepherd 1(a) Senile decay. No PM [post mortem]. Certified by Arthur A. Pinn FRCS Henry Denner, son-in-law, present at the death, Tanyard, Beaminster