Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
LACEY Benjamin John 1927 31 Jul In Branksome Woods near Western & Bury Roads UD 70 Of Everton, Archway Road, Branksome, Poole UD. Journeyman carpenter (retired) Hemorrhage from an incised wound in the throat self inflicted during a fit of temporary insanity. Suicide Certificate received from W. G. Granger, deputy coroner for the borough of Poole. Inquest held 2nd August 1927
LACEY William 1844 31 Oct Longfleet 57 Farmer Sudden death by visitation of God H. M. Aldridge, coroner, Market Street, Poole
LACY Elizabeth 1888 26 Jan Near Portmahon [Port Mahon], Longfleet 71 Wife of John Lacy, carpenter Valvular disease of aortic. General dropsy. Syncope. Certified by [illegible] Mackintosh LRCP [Could be Henry Mackintosh of Poole, but he was a surgeon, not a physician] Henry Reeks, son-in-law, present at the death, 3 Windsor Terrace, Longfleet
LACY Emma 1921 12 Oct Grove Road, Corfe Mullin RD 36 Wife of William Edgar Leonard Lacy, carpenter (1) Parametritis during puerperium. (2) Toxaemia. Certified by J. Clement A. Norman MRCS William E. L. Lacy, widower of deceased, Grove Road, Corfe Mullin
LACY John 1891 22 Mar Near the railway station, Longfleet USD 69 Formerly a carpenter & joiner (journeyman) Senile decay. Exhaustion. Certified by Arthur Boulton MRCS Louisa Maria Reeks, daughter, present at the death, near the railway station, Longfleet
LACY Martha 1901 23 Jan Archway Road UD 46 Wife of John Lacy, carpenter & joiner (foreman) Cancer of pylorus. Asthenia. Certified by Alfred Tuthill MD John Lacy, widower of deceased, in attendance, Archway Road, Branksome, Bournemouth
LACY Thomas 1850 31 Oct East Quay Road, Poole 65 Coal merchant Paralysis 5 years. 4 attacks. Survived last attack 3 weeks. Certified Mary Ann Allen, present at the death, Church Street, Poole
LACY William Edgar Leonard 1929 9 Oct Cornelia Hospital, Longfleet Road UD 45 Of Dorwin, Stanley Green Road, Poole UD. Carpenter (foreman) at gas works (a) Cerebral thrombosis. PM [post mortem]. Certified by Alex. Logan MB W. J. Lacy, son, present at the death, Dorwin, Stanley Green Road, Poole