Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
HANN Betty 1878 20 Nov Napp Wootton 73 Wife of Peter Hann, gardener Bronchitis 3 days. Certified by Henry G. B. Harris MRCS The mark of Peter Hann, widower of deceased, present at the death, Napp Wootton
HANN Catherine 1876 14 Jun Long Lane, Wootton 97 Widow of Thomas Hann, farm labourer Old age & gradual decay. Certified by H. E. Norris MRCS The mark of Jacob Hann, son of deceased, present at the death, Long Lane, Wootton
HANN Henry Parsons 1881 15 Feb Clifton Mabank RSD [Clifton Maybank] 37 Farm labourer Measles. Pneumonia. Certified by H. Nutt MRCS The mark of Patience Hann, widow of deceased, present at the death, Clifton Mabank
HANN Jane 1852 3 Jun Union workhouse, Sherborne [Sherborne Union] 35 Spinster Haematemesis 12 hours. Certified The mark of Mary Ann Williams, present at the death, union workhouse, Sherborne
HANN Peter 1893 21 Feb Napp Wootton RSD 87 Formerly a gentleman’s gardener Senile decay. Certified by W. H. Kerbey MRCS Ellen White, present at the death, Napp, Wootton
HANN Thomas 1846 19 Dec Wootton 77 Labourer Debility. Not certified The mark of Jacob Hann, present at the death, Wootton