Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
GOVER Hester Talbot 1851 13 Mar County Hospital, Dorchester 55 [36 in burial reg] Wife of John Stickland Gover, labourer Stricture of osophagus [oesophagus]. Certified The mark of Ann Rigler, present at death, Holy Trinity, Dorchester
GOVER Maria 1846 24 Jun Swanage 38 Wife of John Gover, quarryman Hypertrophy [of the] heart some years. Anasarca 3 months. Certified The mark of Martha Stickland, present at the death, Swanage
GOVER Thomas 1860 15 Sep Milborne St. Andrew 33 Footman. Domestic servant Consumption. Certified The mark of Sarah Gover, present at the death, Milborne St. Andrew
GOVIER Thomas 1851 17 Oct Silver Street, Lyme 84 Labourer Paralysis 14 days. Certified The mark of Mary Ames, present at the death, Silver Street, Lyme