Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
GALTON Fanny 1859 19 Sep Stapehill, Hampreston 44 Wife of George Galton, labourer Consumption 9 months. Not certified The mark of Ann Whitfield, present at the death, Stapehill, Hampreston
GALTON George 1891 28 Feb Ferndown, Hampreston RSD 75 General labourer Kidney disease. Senile decay. Certified by K. J. Courtenay LRCP M. J. Hillier, daughter of deceased, present at the death, Ferndown, Hampreston
GALTON George 1923 21 Feb Waverly Hotel, Wimborne UD 71 Furniture dealer 1/ Bronchitis 4 months.
2/ Hypostatic congestion of lungs 2 months. Asthenia. No P.M. [post mortem]. Certified by Edward R. R. Cheeseman LMSSA
Eliza Galton, widow of deceased, Waverly Hotel, Wimborne
GALTON Susan 1840 25 Jan Tyneham 27 Wife of George Galton, labourer Decline The mark of George Galton, husband, Tyneham, occupier