Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
FOOT Eliza 1886 10 Aug Thornford RSD 65 Wife of James Foot, painter Sudden death from natural causes Certificate received from Horace Nutt, coroner for the Liberty of Sherborne. Inquest held 12 August 1886
FOOT Elizabeth 1847 27 Sep Hermitage 76 Wife of George Foot, yeoman Dropsy Mary Ann Symes, present at death, Cerne Abbas
FOOT George 1855 3 Aug Hermitage 86 Farmer Natural decay. Certified The mark of Julia Symes, present at death, Hermitage
FOOT George 1916 4 Sep 430 Thornford RD 62 General labourer (1) Chronic interstitial nephritis. (2) Anasarca. Certified by Stanley Stephens MRCS A. H. L. Foot, son, in attendance, 416 Thornford
FOOT James 1886 8 Dec Thornford RSD 75 Painter Natural causes Elizabeth Gray, daughter, in attendance, Thornford
FOOT John 1860 20 Jan Charlton Marshall 26 Agricultural labourer Consumption. Not certified Joseph Foot, present at the death, Charlton Marshall