Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
DAMON Ann 1859 16 Mar Winterborne Herringstone 76 Widow of John Damon, agricultural labourer Unknown. No medical attendant The mark of Henry Damon, present at death, Winterborne Herringstone
DAMON John 1854 2 Jun Bench, Portesham 74 Laborer [labourer] Disease of the heart. Certified The mark of Sarah Saint, present at the death, Bench, Portesham
DAMON Robert Gale 1926 3 Sep Dorset County Hospital, Saint Peter, Dorchester USD 84 Of Puddletown, Dorchester RD. Formerly a labourer on farm 1 Pulmonary empyema 1½ months. 2 Lobar pneumonia. No PM [post mortem]. Certified by W. Russell MB Archie Damon, son, The Moor, Puddletown, Dorchester
DAMON William 1870 27 Jun Holloway Row, Fordington 64 Blacksmith (journeyman) Disease of heart & liver. Ascites & anasarca. Certified The mark of Ann Hoare, present at death, Mill Street, Fordington