Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
CUTLER David 1951 16 Jan St. Mary’s Hospital, St. Mary’s Road UD 80 The Cross Keys Inn, Horton, Wimborne RD.
Licensed victualler
1(a). Broncho-pneumonia. (b). Cerebral thrombosis. Certified by D. Emslie Smith MB E. G. Vaughan, occupier, St. Mary’s Hospital, St. Mary’s Road, Poole
CUTLER Edith Jane 1951 10 Jan The Cross Keys Inn, Holt Heath, Holt, Wimborne 82 Wife of David Cutler, licensed victualler 1a. Pulmonary oedema. b. Auricular fibrillation. c. Arterio sclerosis. Certified by C. H. D. Bartley MB E. A. Phillips, present at the death, Mannington Farm, Holt
CUTLER Harriott 1845 28 Nov Woodlands 41 Wife of Luke Cutler, woodman Childbirth. Exhaustion from difficult labour. Not certified The mark of Elizabeth Miles, present at death, Woodlands
CUTLER Luke 1880 15 Feb Holt, Wimborne 71 Farm labourer Unknown Henry Cutler, son, in attendance, Holt, Wimborne
CUTLER Mary Ann 1888 15 Aug The Lodge, Wimborne St. Giles RSD 47 Wife of John Cutler, game keeper Cancer of liver 4 months. Jaundice 3 months. Certified by Arthur F. Van MRCS Eliza Cutler, daughter, present at the death, the Lodge, Wimborne St. Giles
CUTLER Mary Dinah 1914 27 Mar Leigh Common, Wimborne 71 Wife of James Cutler, farmer (retired) (1) Cerebral haemorrhage. Certified by E. W. Ormerod MD John Yeatman, son in law, Leigh Common, Wimborne