Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
COFFIN Anna 1861 4 Jan Durngate Street, All Saints, Dorchester 13 Daughter of John Coffin, blacksmith (journeyman) Renal dropsy. Certified Jane Ann Coffin, in attendance, Durngate Street, Dorchester
COFFIN Charles 1866 22 Dec Durngate Street, All Saints, Dorchester 2 Son of John Coffin, journeyman blacksmith Pleurisy bronchitis. Certified Mary Ann Coffin, present at death, Durngate Street, Dorchester
COFFIN John 1864 6 Jun Hazelbury Brian [Hazelbury Bryan] 80 Formerly an agricultural labourer (at Stock Gaylard) Apoplexy. Paralysis 4 days. Certified The mark of Temperance Coffin, present at the death, Hazelbury Brian
COFFIN John 1882 12 Nov Bell Street, All Saints Dorchester USD 65 Blacksmith (journeyman) Abscess of kidney 14 year. Chronic bronchitis 4 years. Exhaustion 12 hours. Certified by W. B. Kendall LRCP Ed The mark of Mary Ann Wescott, present at the death, Bell Street, Dorchester
COFFIN Nehemiah 1854 1 Nov Mill Street, Fordington 1 Son of John Coffin, blacksmith Hooping cough [whooping cough]. Not certified Mary Ann Coffin, present at death, Mill Street, Fordington