Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
CHURCHILL Abigail 1891 16 Oct New Street, Wareham USD 78 Widow of Charles Churchill, shoemaker (master) Cardiac disease. Certified by A. Blakiston LRCP &c Emily Cook, daughter, present at the death, New Street, Wareham
CHURCHILL Ann 1867 23 Jul Burton Bradstock 78 Widow of John Churchill, agricultural labourer Cancer of the stomach. Certified The mark of Jane Mills, present at the death, Burton Bradstock
CHURCHILL John 1863 26 Aug Milton Abbas 52 Agricultural labourer Calloid cancer of thigh bone 3 years. (PM) [post mortem]. Certified M. A. Churchill, present at the death, Milton Abbas
CHURCHILL John 1864 15 Apr Union workhouse, Bradpole [Bridport Union] 84 Farm labourer Natural decay. Certified The mark of Thomas Hallett, in attendance, union workhouse, Bradpole
CHURCHILL Sarah 1860 14 Feb Union workhouse, Fordington [Dorchester Union] 46 Domestic servant Phthisis. Certified Elizth Fowler [Elizabeth Fowler], in attendance, union workhouse, Fordington