Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
CHRISTOPHER [female] 1845 13 Feb Parkstone Less than 10 mins Daughter of Betsey Christopher, servant Wilfully murdered by its mother cutting her throat with a knife H. M. Aldridge, coroner, Market Street, Poole
CHRISTOPHER Ann 1869 11 Aug Upwey 56 Widow of James Christopher, coast guard Disease of the heart & dropsy. Certified Ann Shiller, present at the death, Upwey
CHRISTOPHER Betsey 1850 29 Dec Lytchett Minster 24 Servant Pulmonary consumption 6 months. Certified The mark of Isabella Christopher, present at the death, Lytchett Minster
CHRISTOPHER George 1843 29 May Longfleet 78 Labourer Biliary disease & old age Mary Swatridge, in attendance, Poole Union workhouse
CHRISTOPHER James 1847 12 Feb Lytchett Minster 83 Labourer Haematuria 1 week. Certified The mark of Maria Benden, in attendance, Lytchett Minster
CHRISTOPHER Jane 1860 23 Oct Poole Union workhouse, Longfleet 86 Widow of James Christopher, field labourer Diarrhoea 4 days. Certified The mark of Elizabeth Jupe, present at the death, Poole Union workhouse, Longfleet
CHRISTOPHER Lawrence 1871 2 Aug Horn Castles, Sherborne 64 Basket maker Dilatation of heart 3 months. Dropsy. Certified Charles H. Baker, present at the death, Cold Harbour, Sherborne
CHRISTOPHER Thomas 1860 24 Dec Charlton Marshall 52 Agricultural labourer Decline. Not certified The mark of James Christopher, present at the death, Charlton Marshall