Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
CHARD Emma Kate 1918 1 Jan Sandhills, Cattistock RD 20 Daughter of Arthur Chard, roadman 1. Pulmonar tuberculosis. 2. Cardiac failure. Certified by A. G. Whitaker MRCS Arthur Chard, father, present at the death, Sandhills, Cattistock
CHARD Frances 1857 17 Oct Wynford Eagle 48 Wife of Thomas Chard, agricultural labourer Jaundice. Certified The mark of Sarah Churchill, present at the death, Wynford Eagle
CHARD John 1846 3 Aug Wynford Eagle 75 Labourer Decay of nature. Not certified The mark of Thomas Chart, in attendance, Wynford Eagle
CHARD Sidney Albert 1979 19 Aug Portland Hospital, Portland _ Born 27 Mar 1906, Maiden Newton.
Road worker (retired). The Lawns, Fernhill Avenue, Weymouth
1a. Acute pulmonary oedema. 1b. Cor pulmonale. Certified by P. Vlasto BM Ronald Henry Little, nephew in law, 50 Solstice Rise, Amesbury, Salisbury, Wilts
CHARD Thomas 1867 27 Jan Wynford Eagle 62 Agricultural labourer Bronchitis. Certified The mark of Martha Soper, present at the death, Wynford Eagle