Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
BROWN Annie Collins 1914 11 May High Street, Wyke Regis RD 50 Wife of William George Brown, bread baker (master) (1) Pernicious anaemia. (2) Heart failure. Certified by J. H. Harvey MRCS W. G. Brown, widower of deceased, present at the death, High Street, Wyke Regis
BROWN Elizabeth 1841 25 Apr Blandford 35 Wife of Robert Brown, dyer Exhaustion after childbirth Robert Brown, present at the death, Blandford
BROWN John 1849 2 Jul Lagland Street, Poole 69 Mariner Asiatic cholera 18 hours. Certified The mark of Elizabeth Harland, present at the death, Lagland Street, Poole
BROWN John 1872 29 Feb Taylor’s Buildings, Poole 65 Master mariner of a yacht Senile decay. Morbus cordis. Certified Elizabeth Chick, present at the death, Lagland Street, Poole
BROWN Mary 1864 6 Feb Church Street, Sherborne 74 Widow of William Brown, farmer Chronic rheumatism of many years standing. Certified Joseph Ridout Gartell, in attendance, High Lane, Sherborne
BROWN Robert 1847 24 Sep North Port [illegible] parish of St Martin Wareham 49 Railway gate man Accidentally, casually and by misfortune killed by a squeeze which bursted the liver John Wallis, coroner, Dorchester
BROWN Robert 1861 17 Aug Union workhouse, Stoke Abbott [Beaminster Union] 90 Farm labourer Natural decay. Certified William Light, in attendance, union workhouse, Stoke Abbott
BROWN Robert 1874 26 Dec Grove Buildings, Fordington 42 Son of William Brown, railway pointsman (deceased) Cerebral effusion. Certified The mark of Mary Jane Amor, present at death, Grove Buildings, Fordington
BROWN Robert Batson 1852 8 Jan Nether Compton 34 Gardener Tumour in abdomen. Certified The mark of Mary Gould, present at the death, Nether Compton
BROWN Sarah Jane 1876 13 Oct Sturminster 11m Daughter of Edwin Alfred Brown, tailor Obstruction of intestines 5 days. Exhaustion 7 days Certified by J. C. Leach MRCS E. A. Brown, father, in attendance, Church Street, Sturminster
BROWN Thomas 1863 4 Jun Worth Matravers 61 Farm labourer Disease of prostate gland. Certified The mark of John Brown, present at the death, Worth Matravers
BROWNE Grace 1849 9 Sep Beaminster 69 Wife of Thomas Browne, labourer Dropsy. Certified The mark of Thomas Browne, present at the death, Beaminster
BROWNE Philip John Edward 1860 25 Jan Parkstone 87 Vice Admiral, R.N. Paralysis 6 days. Certified The mark of Margaret Kelley, present at the death, Parkstone