Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
BOWRING Ann Jane 1861 1 Jan Winterborne St. Martin 69 Wife of James Bowring, agricultural labourer Decay. Certified The mark of Louisa Bowring, present at the death, Winterborne St. Martin
BOWRING Beatrice 1890 4 Aug Wakeham USD 11m Daughter of George Bowring, labourer Pneumonia 7 days. Certified by Martin Fitzgerald LRCSE George Bowring, father, present at the death, Wakeham, Portland
BOWRING Ellen 1890 24 Jun Maiden Well USD 33 Wife of Frederick Bowring, farm laborer [labourer] Sudden death after delivery 2 hours. Certified by G. Ashton MD The mark of Frederick Bowring, widower of deceased, present at the death, Maiden Well, Portland
BOWRING Fanny 1857 2 Mar Piddletown 38 Cook. Domestic servant Consumption 11 months. Certified The mark of Sarah Bowring, present at the death, Piddletown
BOWRING George 1869 22 Jul West House, Kinson 30 Miller journeyman Phthisis 16 months. Certified The mark of Sarah Cherrett, present at the death, West House, Kinson
BOWRING Richard 1853 30 Apr Leigh, Wimborne 91 Labourer Old age. Bronchitis. Certified The mark of Susannah Allen, present at the death, Colehill, Wimborne
BOWRING Sarah Ann 1847 11 Dec Winterborne St. Martin 1y 8m Daughter of John Bowring, labourer Consumption. Not certified The mark of Hannah Bowring, in attendance, Winterborne St. Martin