Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
BEALING Flora Emily 1955 11 Apr Keybrook, West Orchard 88 Widow of Robert Bealing, general labourer 1(a) Myocardial degeneration. (b) DAH [diffuse alveolar haemorrhage] & senility. Certified by W. G. S. Roberts MRCS W. R. Bealing, son, present at the death, Keybrook, West Orchard, Shaftesbury
BEALING Sarah 1946 17 May New Inn, Shipton Gorge RD 86 Widow of Daniel Bealing, farm labourer 1(a) Myocardial degeneration. (b) Senility. Certified by J. Maxwell Jones MB H. C. Bealing, son, New Inn, Shipton Gorge