Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
BARTLETT Elias 1900 18 Apr Coombe Farm, Sturminster Marshall RD 98 Farmer Senile decay. Exhaustion. Certified by G. W. Graham LRCP Florence A. Bartlett, daughter, present at the death, Coombe Farm, Sturminster Marshall
BARTLETT George 1859 2 May Union workhouse, Sherborne [Sherborne Union] 42 Farm labourer Pneumonia 6 days. Certified The mark of Adam Brake, present at the death, union workhouse, Sherborne
BARTLETT Harriet Short 1890 14 Jun Wyke Regis RSD 57 Wife of James Bartlett, farmer Pelvic abscess with perforation of the bowel 8 months. Diarrhoea 8 months. Exhaustion. Certified by R. W. Carter MD H. J. Bartlett, son, in attendance, Wyke Regis
BARTLETT James 1913 24 Sep Park Mead Farm, Wyke Regis RD 79 Farmer (1) Senile decay.
(2) Heart failure.
Certified by J. H. Harvey MRCS
K. E. Bartlett, daughter-in-law, Kimberley, Wyke Regis
BARTLETT James 1954 13 Nov “Coombe”, Wimborne Road, Stapehill, Hampreston, Wimborne RD 91 Schoolmaster (Elementary). Retired 1/a Coronary thrombosis. Certified by D. G. A. Leggett MB Bernard B. Spinney, nephew, 22 Houlton Road, Poole
BARTLETT John 1866 13 Apr Union workhouse, Fordington [Dorchester Union] 89 Agricultural labourer [‘Phthisis’ crossed out] Bronchitis. Certified The mark of Edward Cosh, present at death, Union workhouse, Fordington
BARTLETT Thomas 1935 21 Dec Weymouth & District Hospital, Weymouth UD 71 of 10 Kings Road, Weymouth UD. Insurance agent (Retired) (1)a. Cystitis.
(1)b. & c. Enlarged prostate.
Certified by C. M. Forbes MB
L. J. Snook, daughter, “Devonia”, Monmouth Avenue, Weymouth