Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
BARNES Ann 1857 16 Oct Poorstock 46 Wife of William Barnes, labourer Idiotsy transition. Certified The mark of Fanny Gale, in attendance, Poorstock
BARNES Jessie 1879 28 Feb Spetisbury 76 General labourer Bronchitis. Certified by E. M. Spooner MRCS LSA The mark of Mary Ann Sampson, present at the death, Gods Hill, Isle of Wight
BARNES* William 1852 21 Aug Infirmary, Fisherton Anger [Salisbury Infirmary] 29 Railway labourer from Milton Abbey Hypertrophy & valvular disease of heart. General dropsy 9 months. Certified Sarah Paxton, present at the death, Infirmary, Fisherton Anger
BARNES William 1870 16 Mar Pointington [Poyntington] 49 Cattle dealer Bright’s disease of the kidney. Certified Thos. Hoddinott, in attendance, Coombe, Sherborne


*This is one of a small number of death certificates for Dorset residents who died in an institution in another county