Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description Cause of death Informant
APLIN Edwin 1875 1 Jun North Allerton 47 Machine fitter Splenic disease. Pneumonia. Certified by Francis Scott MRCS The mark of Elizabeth Haines, present at the death, North Allerton
APLIN James 1873 9 Nov Drimpton, Broadwinsor 86 Farm labourer Serous apoplexy. Certified The mark of Ann Aplin, present at the death, Drimpton, Broadwinsor
APPLIN Edward 1877 13 Apr At a gateway on the Shaftesbury Road, Fontmell 65 Farmer Heart disease. Paralysis. Certified by E. Wykes MRCS Ann Applin, widow of deceased, in attendance, Fontmell
APPLIN Eliza Louisa 1874 23 Aug Square, Wimborne 26 Housekeeper Syncope from pericardial effuxion [pericardial effusion]. Certified Wm. Applin, present at the death, Square, Wimborne
APPLIN Henry 1860 19 Feb New Buildings, Blandford 39 Chelsea pensioner Phthisis 2 years. Certified Betty Parsons, present at the death, New Buildings, Blandford
APPLIN Jane 1861 7 Jul Fontmell 51 Wife of Edward Applin, farmer Chronic bronchitis 15 years. Certified Edward Applin, present at death, Fontmell
APPLIN Joseph 1876 30 Dec Compton 80 Formerly schoolmaster Senile decay. Certified by E. Wykes MRCS The mark of Elizabeth Fisher, present at the death, Compton
APPLIN Maria 1861 8 Oct Gaunts’, Wimborne 78 Widow of Thomas Edward Applin, farm bailiff Natural decay. Certified Henry Applin, present at the death, Gaunts’, Wimborne
APPLIN Thomas Edward 1850 24 Feb Hinton Martell 68 Bailiff Epileptic fits. Certified Richard Applin, present at the death, Hinton Martell